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Chart Sales Academy offers proven, effective b2b sales training that will maximise your growth & potential.

The Sales Academy is a complete modern sales training program containing social & virtual sales in 14 Modules & 60 courses to optimise your sales performance! In addition, you get webinars and live coaching after each module.

You also get the latest strategies and tools in sales to help you stay one step ahead of your competition.

Sharpen your Sales Skills and Bring in More Customers!

Build Your Future Now!

Who Is This Program For ?

Sales Professionals

Fix your sales process & maximise your revenue!


Build, grow, and sell without limits!

Whether you’re a new salesperson or a seasoned veteran or an entrepreneur who wants to sharpen your sales skills, Chart Sales Academy’s field-tested sales training program is the perfect place to nurture your skills. Chart’s goal is to help you become the best version of yourself.

In our program you’ll create your ideal customer profile, work on your Opening Benefit Offer, learn about prospecting, how to do cold-calling, handling objections, and much more. You’ll also get individual support from our success coaches who will answer any questions you may have and help keep your motivation high.

Content Of Sales Training

What's in the Program?

One or two-day boot-camps or training sessions don’t bring results. Continuous learning is the way to extract the maximum results out of sales training. 

That’s why our complete training program brings measurable results from multiple touchpoints, which include :

Content Of Sales Training

What's in the Program?

One or two-day boot camps or training sessions don’t bring results. Continuous learning is the way to extract the maximum results out of sales training. 

That’s why our complete training program brings measurable results from multiple touchpoints, which include :

Sales Skills Inventory Assessments

Sales Skills Inventory Assessments

Pin-points 120 areas of strengths and opportunities for development

Job Aid Activities

Job Aid Activities

Apply your nes skills directly with ourCustomised Job Aid Activities

E-Learning Courses

E-Learning COurses

Internationally Award-winning courses, such as Best Online Catalog from Training Industry (2020, 2021), Selling Power, Brandon Hall Awards

Coaching From Expert Industry Coaches

Coaching & Evaluation

In charge of Coach development is our CEO, Peter Hörwing,
25-years of global sales experience from small to large companies

What Results To Expect?

Improve Your Revenue

Shorten your sales cycles

Build Better Relationships

Find your ideal client

Convert More Clients

Close larger & better deals! Build your referral business

Why does this program work ?

We have developed a unique methodology, the Performance Assurance System™, to help you gain long-term results, applied in your own “sales” environment. It is not just any one-size-fits-all approach and is of great use when it comes to results.

Build Robust Sales Skills

Online Learning | 90 Days | Award Winning Curriculum 

Sales Essentials Program


In sales looking for qualified buyers is like panning for gold and quickly disqualifying non-buyers. As you look for clients think of what needs to change to get the results you want. You will need a prospecting mindset.


Qualifying is the process of determining interest, authority, urgency, budget, and competitive situation. Qualification information is critical to learn early in the sales cycle and easy to get by asking the right questions.


What we do or say in the first few minutes plays an important role in influencing the future success of that relationship. Good rapport is both conscious and unconscious. It strengthens relationships and makes them more enjoyable.


Why are questions so powerful ?
This power is not only true in sales, but also in many other interpersonal interactions such as service transactions, group discussions, or negotiations. The more questions you ask, the more successful your interactions with buyers will be.


Discover the three phases of authentic listening and how you can use them to your advantage. Listening is the first step in understanding needs of others so that we can be effective problem solvers.


Discover how to plan, prepare, practice and present the ultimate presentation.
Discover the four parts of the presentation and ensure you deliver your message.

Sales Mastery Program


Understand how different types of power impact influence, Inspire others to immediate action and cooperation, Identify opportunities for negotiation, Explain the qualities of win-win negotiations,


Get introduced to negotiation and how to build your strategy, Identify questions needing answers before negotiating, Apply six planning tactics, Apply five criteria for high-quality negotiations, Apply steps for reaching agreement


Apply psychological strategies for resolving concerns, Explain the difference between objections and conditions for not buying, Anticipate and plan for objections, Implement the do’s and don’ts of handling objections, Apply four rules for resolving major account concerns


Explain the difference between closing and confirming sales, Apply 10 techniques to confirm and close sales, Explain how to improve your closing ratios, Diagnose weak links in your sales process, Implement steps for getting to yes


Explain the importance of follow-through, Initiate and work up-selling opportunities, Explain the causes of buyer’s remorse, Identify the Five C’s to email etiquette, Explain how to “Take the HEAT” in difficult situations


Understand the Psychology of building referrals and how to ask for referrals, Gain insight in strategic referral techniques and how to achieve quick results, How to network your way to the top

Get Bonus Resources worth 1600$ when you join!

Linkedin Profile Review

Your Linkedin profile is like a swiss army knife, with many purposes & benefits its one of the best tools at your disposal to get more clients.

Improve your profile to convert more during the program & we will review your profile and give actionable feedback to improve it’s effectiveness!

Access Exclusive Sales Community

You will get access to our new Sales Community, only for Sales Academy participants.

Get access to sales tips, resources, ask questions and get to know your peers.

Review your opening statement

During the program, you will craft your messaging to create interest from your prospects.Without solid openings, there is little hope of getting a pitch. We will review one of your messages. Just a word or two can make the difference in creating interest, resistance, or indifference.

Get These Super Special Resources when you join Sales Mastery!

Generating Leads Online

Never run out of leads! Get to know latest tools for low effort strategies to feed your sales funnel everyday!

A Numbers Game

The winning methodology helps everyone from small companies to Fortune 500 companies close more leads! Get access to this exclusive masterclass!

I'm really glad I found Chart Sales Academy because not only do they offer high-quality training, but they also helped me build the confidence and skills that I need to succeed. From their interactive lessons, videos, reading materials and exercises, to their live coaching programs - you can't go wrong with Chart Sales Academy
Sales Development Representative

Sales Essentials

90 Days Foundational Sales Training Module
$ 799 Per Learner
  • Access 35 Courses Covering Sales Fundamentals
  • Virtual Instructor Led Training
  • Application Activities For Each Course
  • Free Bonus Resources Worth $800

Sales Mastery

90 Days Advanced Sales Training Module
$ 899 Per Learner
  • Access 35 Courses Covering Advanced Sales Tactics
  • Virtual Instructor Led Training
  • Application Activities For Each Course
  • Free Bonus Resources Worth $800

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