Why Work With
Chart Learning Solutions?​

About US

Chart Learning Solutions has 30 years of improving Sales, Customer Service, Leadership, and employee productivity through training programs and eLearning accountability programs.

Our goal is to become the leader in eLearning courses by providing training, eLearning, and blended learning approach solutions to meet the needs of employees and students. CHART Learning Solutions provides an effective, innovative learning solution through our Performance Assurance System which is an internationally-awarded methodology, researched by CHART, to provide sustainable learning results for each individual.

We help organizations:

  • Create effective processes for driving results
  • Build a common language between sales, service, and leading managers
  • Ignite high-quality conversations that stimulate innovation and creativity
  • Achieve employee accountability through our Performance Assurance System.

Chart's Values

In our daily life, our Values shall guide our decisions. Chart’s values are Sustainability, Include and Diversity.

We also have our own “High-Five” which guides our behavior working with our customers.


living by the highest standards of moral conduct


we respect our client needs and deliver on the integrity of our word


delivering on our promises


building supportive, long-term relationships


building confidence in our reliance

Chart's Principle

Bring out the Best in Others

Make a Positive Difference

Create Opportunities

Support people During Change

Reward Effort

Enjoy the Journey