Build Your Career in Modern Selling

Enroll in the comprehensive & certified sales training program worth $1500 at NO COST!

What is This Program About?

As a Chart Sales Trainee, you’ll get the chance to compete in a real-world sales environment with other ambitious individuals. You will learn how to become a professional salesperson through hands-on training and practice. 

You will work for 6 months with Chart Learning Solutions as an independent contractor. We will pay for your training and you will learn how to sell our award-winning Sales Training Programs in your region. 

You’ll earn commissions on every sale you do, and the top sales earners will be offered a formal job.

This is your opportunity to fast-track your way into the sales industry. Enrollment is limited.

Who Can Be A Chart Sales Trainee?

College Graduates

If you are a college graduate, interested in building a successful career in sales! Get trained by our award-winning sales training & build hands-on experience in selling for a global company! 

Professionals Looking For A Career Change

If you are feeling stuck in your current career and are attracted by the prospect of a rewarding, high-earning career in sales, then this opportunity is for you!

6 Months Training

The training program duration is 6 months. We expect you to work full-time and to make a good living during the training.

Earn While You Learn

You will learn how to make pitches, engage with prospects and close deals! When you close deals, you earn a commission.


Complete the six-month program, complete its tasks, and you will earn a certificate of completion as a sales trainee from us!

How Can You Join?

STEP – 1

Application & Shortlisting

Complete your online application & assignment to get a chance at being a Chart Sales Trainee

STEP – 2

Online Learning

The first leg of the program is completely focussed on introducing you to sales & best practices

STEP – 3

Hands-on Training

With the expert guidance of Chart Sales Academy, you will begin your real sales journey

What Will You Earn?



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Sales Commission Calculator

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Average Sales Commission :  15%

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Awesome !

Top 5 performers gets a job offer!

Get certified as a Sales Trainee by completing courses & activities followed by an evaluation.

The 5 best trainees will receive a job offer from Chart Learning Solutions and the chance to take flight in the world of sales! Apply now!


Brief list of FAQ

  • Yes, it is really free if you complete the full Sales Essential course which we provide over a 6 months period. However, if you choose to jump off or not fulfil training and reporting, then we have the right to charge you $399 as compensation. That is why you have to provide a debit/credit card when applying.
  • No, we believe in building successful people and in order to do that, you will have to focus 100% of your time in sales.
  • Yes, you will practice your sales by selling the customized sales training to enterprise teams. This means you will have hands-on experience when presenting to your local company. If you need support in closing, our coaches will help you succeed.

We invest heavily in your success and if you want to leave midway, you will be charged $399 which is a fraction of the cost we invest in you.

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