Chart Learning Solutions Launches Sales Academy to Deliver Modern Sales Training at Scale

Chart Sales Academy Launch

Båstad, Sweden – Sept. 13, 2021 – Today, Chart Learning Solutions is announcing the launch of its new Sales Academy to help companies develop the next generation of Sales Professionals and high-performing sales teams. Supporting companies to onboard, up-skill and re-skill their workforce to adapt to the changing workplace and social selling environment. 

The Sales Academy utilizes Chart’s award-winning learning methodology and its Training Accountability Platform™ to help sales professionals become proficient in all critical sales skills. The courses offered use online training, job aids, live coaching, and a user forum to maximize the learning experience and to provide deliverables for new Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Enterprise Teams.

Chart Sales Academy aims to build long-term relations with Enterprise Teams by providing “ready-to-go” sales professionals and continuous up- and re-skilling to existing sales teams. Entrepreneurs will get sales training to become successful in building their company, and new Sales Professionals will get a kick-start in their careers. 

Enterprise Teams will have the option to get customized Job Aides so that they can apply their learning to their unique industry/company. This provides companies with a long-term scalable and customized solution that is close to a standard cost. Moreover, the company can focus on product training and introducing them to customers and prospects, whilst the general sales training is conducted through the online Sales Academy.

The Sales Academy is launching three offerings: Sales Essentials – a 3 months program in which the learners will invest 1 hour/day to gain necessary skills to become a proficient and skilled Sales Professional; the Sales Mastery – a 3-month program, that improves the Sales Professionals skills in larger and more complex sales. 

The third offering by Chart Sales Academy is the Sales Courses Library, access to +100 sales courses, that assists companies with internal up-skilling and reskilling. This is offered to Enterprise Sales Teams for a monthly subscription cost. 

The Sales Academy covers 65 courses, such as Social Selling, Prospecting in the new world, Question Techniques, Presentation Technique, Influence, Negotiation, Closing & Confirming, Building Referrals, and more. All courses include both individual and group coaching.  After examination, each user will receive their formal certification.

Thus, the Sales Academy prepares sales professionals, inside salespeople, business development reps, and entrepreneurs for a range of different B2B sales roles.

About Chart Learning Solutions Sweden AB:

Chart Learning Solutions has 30 years of improving sales, customer service, leadership, and employee productivity through training programs and eLearning accountability programs. Chart Learning Solutions also provides an effective, innovative learning solution through its Performance Assurance System™, which is an internationally-awarded methodology, researched by Chart, to provide sustainable learning results for each individual.

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Contact: Peter Hörwing, CEO
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